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Fort Perrot (1) (1683-1687, 1689-Unk.) - A French Colonial fur trading fort established in 1683 near present-day Read's Landing, Wabasha County, Minnesota. Presumably named for the French explorer Nicolas Perrot who established the post. Abandoned briefly in 1687 and reestablished in 1689 not known when the post was finally abandoned.


Established in 1683 by Nicolas Perrot who had been commissioned by the Governor of Canada as commandant of the West. The post was built as a fortified fur trading post near present-day Reads Landing, Wabasha County, Minnesota. Perrot brought with him twenty men to establish the first European structures in the vast area along the upper Mississippi River.

The post was abandoned in 1687 due to Indian difficulties and reestablished in 1689 but it is not known when it was finally abandoned.

Current Status

Exact location not known.

Location: Read's Landing, Wabasha County, Minnesota.

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Lat: 44.40222 Long: -92.07917

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