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Fort Plank (1778-1782) - A Revolutionary War Fort established in 1778 near the Town of Fort Plain in the Mohawk River Valley, Montgomery County, New York. Named Fort Plank for the Frederick Plank family. Abandoned as a fortification about 1782.

History of Fort Plank

Established in 1778 purportedly on the farm of Frederick Plank. The name and location of the fort are obscured by conflicting evidence, some of which indicates that Fort Plank is the same as Fort Plain and five or six different locations are cited. A discussion of the issues and some conclusions are given here.

The fort was used by local Patriot militia forces under the command of Frederick Plank's stepson, Captain Joseph House. The defenses consisted of Plank's home surround by a square palisade with blockhouses on two opposing corners. The fort was attacked several times but not taken.

Fort plank was one of at least four supporting defenses, the others being Fort Clyde, Fort Willett and Fort Windecker. These defenses were also a part of overall defenses of the Mohawk Valley which saw defenses built all along the length of the Mohawk River.

Abandoned as a fortification near the end of the war about 1782.

Current Status

No remains, the actual location of the fort appears still to be an open question.

Location: Town of Fort Plain, Montgomery County, New York. Map point may not be accurate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 42.94557 Long: -74.63634

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