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Fort Reliance (1) (1833-1835, 1855) - A Hudson's Bay Company winter quarters post first established in 1833 by Alexander Roderick McLeod at present day Reliance, Northwest Territories. Abandoned in 1835. Reestablished and rebuilt in 1855. Site of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Fort Reliance RCMP Post (1927-1961).

Fort Reliance Ruins 1900

Fort Reliance I (1833-1835)

Established in 1833 on eastern edge of Great Slave Lake for Captain George Back, R.N., who was charged with locating Captain John Ross after he failed to return from his 1829 Arctic voyage. The expedition used Fort Reliance to explore the Thelon and Great Fish Rivers during the 1834 and 1835 summers.

The fort was built with logs and included a main house and several smaller ones. The houses were constructed of logs and had stone and clay fireplaces for heating.

Fort Reliance II (1855)

The fort was rebuilt in 1855 by the Hudson's Bay Company Chief Factor James Anderson. The post was used as a trading post and winter quarters while searching for the lost expedition of John Franklin. It was abandoned after a single season.

Fort Reliance RCMP Post (1927-1961)

Fort Reliance Detachment Building winter 1927, person is either Cpl. Williams or Constable Hooper.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) maintained a post here (1927-1961).

Current Status

Part of Fort Reliance National Historic Site of Canada. Outlines of the logs and parts of the chimneys may still exist.

Location: Reliance, Northwest Territories, Canada.

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Lat: 62.7125 Long: -109.16472

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