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Fort Resolution (1818-1926) - A Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post and fort first established in 1818 near the present day community of Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories, Canada. Abandoned in 1926. Also known as Great Slave Lake Post. Also the site of Fort Resolution RCMP Post (1913-19??).

Fort Resolution HBC Post 1900.

History of Fort Resolution

A Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) fur trading post and fort first established by Aualay McAulay in 1818 on Slave River Delta in the Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories. This post was established to compete with a nearby North West Company (NWC) Post, Grant’s Slave River Fort, near the mouth of the Slave River.

Fort Resolution HBC Post Dwelling 1900

With the merger of the HBC and the NWC in 1821, the two forts were merged in 1822 and moved to a small peninsula facing the Resolution Islands. The new post was named Fort Resolution and it became the HBC's principal post for the Great Slave Lake.

Treaty 8

Treaty 8 was negotiated and signed in 1899-1900 between the Canadian Government and the First Nations peoples in the NorthWest Territories to establish the authority of the government over the area and to compensate the First Nations. The treaty was negotiated and signed by First Nations at each of the major trading posts over two summers, 1899-1900 and with isolated groups added in later years. The Fort Resolution First Nation's Treaty 8 Adhesion was signed 25 Jul 1900 at Fort Resolution. The First Naton's signatories included Old Man (Emil) Drygeese as leader of the T’atsaot’ine from the northeast shore of Great Slave Lake, Chief Sunrise and Councillor Lamalice signed on behalf of the Hay River Dene.


The Fort Resolution HBC Post was abandoned circa 1926.

Fort Resolution RCMP Post (1913-19??)

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) established a post here in 1913.

Current Status

Part of Fort Resolution National Historic Site of Canada. There are no above ground remains of the original post.

Location: Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 61.17167 Long: -113.67167

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  • Elevation: 525'

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