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Fort San Luis de Apalachee (1656-1704) - A Spanish colonial fortification established in 1656 in present day Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida. The fort was a part of a larger complex known as San Luis de Talimali that included the fort and a mission. The fort in turn provided protection for a total of seven missions in the Apalachee Province. The fort was abandoned and destroyed in 1704.

Fort San Luis de Apalachee Bastion
Fort San Luis de Apalachee Blockhouse
Fort San Luis de Apalachee Entrance Gate


San Luis Mission Marker

The mission of San Luis had existed since 1640 but had only a small garrison for protection. Starting in 1656 the garrison was expanded and a blockhouse was built. The fortifications evolved into a palisaded town with a 90' by 60' blockhouse at the center and bastions at the angles.

Early in 1704 the Apalachee Province was invaded by an army of 50 Carolinians and 1,000 Creek Indians who destroyed five of the missions. Two more were destroyed in June and the Spanish then abandoned the fort and blew up the blockhouse.

Current Status

San Luis Mission Visitor Center

Part of the reconstructed Mission San Luis National Historic Landmark in Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida

Location: Mission San Luis National Historic Landmark, Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida.

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Lat: 30.45259 Long: -84.32025

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