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Fort Sully (1) (1863-1866) - First established in 1863 by BG Alfred Sully (Cullum 1092), during his campaign against hostile Sioux Indians in the Dakota Territory. Originally named Fort Bartlett after its first commander, Ltc. E.M. Bartlett, 30th Wisconsin Infantry and renamed Fort Sully in 1864 for General Sully. The post was abandoned and moved to Fort Sully (2) in 1866.

Fort Sully Roadside Marker
Fort Sully Monument Behind Visitor Center
Lewis & Clark Family center on Fort Sully Footprint. Posts in Background Mark the East Corners


Fort Sully Sketch at Visitor Center

Established 14 Sep 1863 as Fort Bartlett by BG Alfred Sully, during his campaign against hostile Sioux Indians in the Dakota Territory.

The post was built as a 270 foot square with barracks lining the east and west walls. The south wall contained the gate, the hospital, quarters and the guardhouse. The north wall was a palisade that included the officers' quarters and a warehouse. The northwest and southeast corners contained bastions.

The post was abandoned on 25 Jul 1866 and relocated about 25 miles above the city of Fort Pierre. See Fort Sully (2).

Current Status

Part of Farm Island Recreation Area, Old Fort Sully stone marker located at the Lewis & Clark Visitor Center.

Location: Farm Island Recreation Area, Hughes County, South Dakota.

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.346094 Long: -100.2748532

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  • Elevation: 1,440'



Visited: 27 Sep 2010

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