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Fort Sully (2) (1866-1894) - Established to replace the original Fort Sully (1) as Fort Sully (2) in 1866. Named after BG Alfred Sully (Cullum 1092). Abandoned in 1894.

Fort Sully 2 Locale


Established 25 Jul 1866 as a replacement for the unhealthy Fort Sully (1). The new location was about 25 miles north of Pierre, South Dakota along the Missouri River in present-day Sully County. Fort Sully (2) was situated along the eastern bank of Missouri River just below the present-day eastern boundary of the Sioux Cheyenne River Reservation.

Most of the garrison was withdrawn on 30 Oct 1894 and by 30 Nov 1894 the Army had completely abandoned the post and the property was transferred to the Interior Department.

Current Status

The site is under Lake Oahe as a result of a dam built in 1948. A 1929 marker was relocated from the fort site in 1961 to the Sully County Courthouse in Onida, South Dakota.

Location: Sully County, South Dakota.

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.58665 Long: -100.60875



Visited: Area 27 Sep 2010

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