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Fort Thorn (1853-1859) - A U.S. Army post first established as Cantonment Garland in 1853 near present day Hatch, Dona Ana County, New Mexico. Named Fort Thorn after 1st Lt. Herman Thorn, 2nd U.S. Infantry, who drowned in the Colorado River 16 Oct 1849. The post was abandoned in 1859.

History of Fort Thorn

Established on 24 Dec 1853 by Captain Israel B. Richardson (Cullum 1096), 3rd U.S. Infantry. First garrisoned by troops from abandoned Fort Webster. Established to protect travel routes from hostile Apache and outlaws.

Abandoned in 1859.

Current Status

Unknown near Hatch, Dona Ana County, New Mexico.

Location: Near Hatch, Dona Ana County, New Mexico. Map point is in the town of Hatch and is not the fort site.

Maps & Images

Lat: 32.665 Long: -107.158611

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