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Johnson's Fort (1) (1757-17??) - A Mormon settlers log family fort established about 1757 during the French & Indian War by William Johnson in Forsyth County, North Carolina. Abandoned as a fortification in 17??.

Johnson's Fort Marker Locale

French & Indian War (1754-1763)

During the French & Indian War William Johnson purchased a square mile of land along the Yadkin River in present day Forsyth County, North Carolina. He built a fort of "huge" logs on the land to protect his family and neighbors from Indian attacks.

Current Status

Johnson's Fort Marker

Stone marker only. Part of Tanglewood County Park, Forsyth County, North Carolina

Location: Tanglewood County Park, Forsyth County, North Carolina.

Maps & Images

Lat: 36.00360 Long: -80.40814

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