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King Philip's Fort (1660s-1675) - A Narragansett Indian fort established in the 1660s near present day West Kingston, Washington County, Rhode Island. It was named for Metacom, a leader of the Pokanoket Indians who was known as King Philip. The fort was captured and destroyed in 1675 during King Philip's War during what became known as the Great Swamp Fight.


King Philip's Fort was massive Narragansett Indian log fort that covered about five acres in the midst of a large swamp. The fort came to house about one thousand Indians in the winter of 1675 during a conflict with English colonists that became known as King Philip's War.

The English under Josiah Winslow found and attacked the fort with a force of about 1000 milita and Indian allies on 19 Dec 1675. The English were able to mount the attack because the swamp had frozen over and they overran the defenses after a stiff fight. About 300 Indians were killed and the survivors scattered back through the swamp. The fort was burned down and destroyed along with the Indian's winter food supply. The English lost about 70 men killed with about 150 wounded. The Indians never recovered from the loss of the fort and the war ended when King Philip was shot and killed on 12 Aug 1676.

Current Status

Monument on presumed site near West Kingston, Washington County, Rhode Island.

Location: At the end of Great Swamp Monument Road near West Kingston, Washington County, Rhode Island.

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Lat: 41.468482 Long: -71.595481

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