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Mattawa House (1837-1908) - A Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) fur trading post established in 1837 near present day Mattawa, Ontario, Canada. Abandoned in 1908.

Mattawa House Marker, Mattawa Museum in Background.

History of Mattawa House

Established in 1837. Chief Trader John Siveright, who commanded the Hudson's Bay Company's post at Fort Coulonge had periodically sent traders to the Mattawa area starting in the 1820s. In 1837, the HBC decided to established a permanent post at Mattawa to counteract independent fur trading by lumbermen.

The original site was chosen by HBC governor, George Simpson in 1837 but was relocated to a new site in Mattawa sometime before 1843. As the fur trade diminished, the post turned to the general trade supplying the native population, its former rivals the lumbermen and the surrounding town of Mattawa. The post was closed in 1908.

Current Status

Joe Muffraw Statue

Marker only. Located on the north side of Main Street (Route 533) just west of the Mattawa River bridge near the Mattawa Museum. Also located here is a wooden statue of Joe Muffraw, a giant of a man 6' 9" who was a Legendary lumberman and perhaps the source of the tall tales of Paul Bunyon.

Location: Mattawa, Ontario, Canada. Map point is the marker location.

Maps & Images

Lat: 46.31935 Long: -78.70918

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