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Patton’s Fort (1813-1814) - A Creek Indian War settler Fort established in 1813 near Winchester, Wayne County, Mississippi. Named Patton's Fort after Colonel James Patton the fort commander. Abandoned as a fortification about 1814.


The outbreak of the Creek Indian War in 1813 resulted in the erection of Patton's Fort at Winchester among many others. Patton's Fort was built a short distance south of a small creek near the railroad depot in Winchester. The settlers quickly began work on the fort and in about a week it was completed and occupied.

After several weeks some fifteen families became unhappy with the restrictions of the fort and they abandoned it and returned to their farms on Buckatunna creek. They adopted a plan to all gather at a different home each night where they would post guards and each day they would return to their own fields. They initiated a scouting party to gather intelligence and provide early warnings of planned attacks. Two of these scouts brought the first news of the massacre of the Fort Mims Garrison. These settlers remained upon their farms for the entire war and the forts in Wayne County were never attacked.

The Creek Indian War formally ended with the Treaty of Fort Jackson on 9 Aug 1814. The Creeks were forced to cede to the U.S. Government some 21 million acres in Georgia and Alabama and it precipitated their removal to the west. The massacre of some 500 whites at Fort Mims proved very costly for the entire Creek Nation.

Current Status

In the early 1900s, the old ditches of this fort could still be easily traced.

Location: Winchester, Wayne County, Mississippi.

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Lat: 31.61777 Long: -88.59056

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