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Preston Supply Depot (1851-1853) - A U.S. Army supply depot established in 1851 by 2nd Lt. Thomas C. English, 5th U.S. Infantry, in Preston, Grayson County, Texas (now under Lake Texoma). Abandoned in 1853.


Established by 2nd Lt. Thomas C. English, 5th U.S. Infantry, in 1851. He was posted from Fort Washita to the Depot to be "In charge of Depot at Preston Texas to post under No 28 dated 2 Jun 1851." The depot was a waypoint on Red River for supplies coming upriver from New Orleans. The supplies were off loaded at the depot and distributed by wagons to western posts like Fort Belknap (2) and Fort Phantom Hill.

The depot was abandoned in 1853 when a more economical route through Austin, Texas was instituted.

Current Status

Covered by Lake Texoma near Preston, Grayson County, Texas

Location: Preston, Grayson County, Texas. Map point is approximate, the site was covered over when Lake Texoma was created.

Maps & Images

Lat: 33.9026 Long: -96.6393

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  • Elevation: ....'



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