Saint Andrews Blockhouse

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Saint Andrews Blockhouse (1813-1867) - A colonial militia post established in 1813 during the War of 1812 by Loyalists in present day Saint Andrews, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada. Abandoned in 1867.

Saint Andrews Blockhouse
Saint Andrews Blockhouse Battery Display Gun and Carriage
Saint Andrews Blockhouse and Battery


2nd Floor Display Gun and Carriage


Current Status

Original Gun Displayed Downtown

Part of St. Andrews Blockhouse National Historic Site, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada. Original blockhouse with a three-gun earthworks battery in front. One smaller gun on the second floor of the blockhouse. The blockhouse was restored in 1967 and again in 1992 after being damaged by a fire. Charred beams can still be seen and the roof has been replaced. The first floor of the blockhouse has been fitted out with period military furnishings. Visitors can go on the second floor where a small cannon is displayed along with other artillery stuff. In front of the blockhouse is a three-gun earthworks battery faced out to the waterside with the display cannons and carriages. Two of the original guns on metal carriages are on display in Market Square in the town of Saint Andrews.

Location: 1 Joes Point Road, Saint Andrews, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada

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Lat: 45.077087 Long: -67.061885

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