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South Branch House (1786-1794) - A Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) post first established in 1786 near present day St. Louis, Saskatchewan. Attacked, destroyed and abandoned in 1794.

History of South Branch House

Established by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1786 on the east bank of the South Saskatchewan River near the site of a North West Company post built a year earlier. This was one of a few trading posts on the South Saskatchewan River. The majority of trading posts were built along the more productive North Saskatchewan River.

In July 1794 a large group of Gros Ventre Indians attacked the HBC post and killed everyone except J. C. Van Dreil who was able to hide in an abandoned cellar. The post was burned down by the Gros Ventres and never rebuilt by the HBC.

Current Status

Part of South Branch House Provincial Historic Site on the South Saskatchewan River near St. Louis, Saskatchewan. Archeological remains including a cellar depression and chimney mound. Interpretive plaque(s) at the site.

Location: South Branch House Provincial Historic Site near St. Louis, Saskatchewan.

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Lat: 52.89141 Long: -106.03326

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