United States Naval Air Station North Sydney

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United States Naval Air Station North Sydney (1918 - 1919) - United States Naval Aviation Service Seaplane base Naval Air Station North Sydney operated effective August 31, 1918 and closed on January 7, 1919. Commanded by First Lieutenant Robert Donohue of the United States Coast Guard (upon declaration of war by the US, the United States Coast Guard service was transferred to the USN for the duration of the war), the Naval Air Service operated six US Curtiss HS-2L seaplanes for anti-submarine patrol work, in support of convoys departing from Sydney Harbour and points west. Temporarily first established at Indian Point (also know as Indian Beach) in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, while more permanent facilities were under construction at Kelly's Beach a few miles up the harbour to the west.

Part of the Harbor Defense of Sydney.

Location: The community of Upper North Sydney, in Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Lat: 46.287032 Long: -60.274615

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  • Elevation: ....'


  • Lawson, Peter, Naval Air Station North Sydney, 1918., Sydney, Nova Scotia, 2008

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