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Warwick Neck Fort (1776-1780s) - A Patriot Revolutionary War Fort established in 1776 near present day Rocky Point Park, Kent County, Rhode Island. Abandoned in the 1780s.

History of Warwick Neck Fort

Established in 1776 during the Revolutionary War on Warwick Neck to prevent British troops from landing in the area. The General Assembly had ordered "that a number of men not exceeding fifty, be stationed at Warwick Neck, including the Artillery Company in Warwick; the remainder to be minutemen; that Colonel John Waterman have the command, and appoint proper officers to act under him; that they continue there and be kept upon pay, until the enemy's fleet shall go down the river, and then be discharged, if his honor the Governor shall think proper."

The Warwick Neck Fort was considered an important post and was garrisoned throughout the Revolutionary War. The fort was abandoned sometime in the 1780s and by 1898 had completely disappeared.

Current Status

No remains. Warwick Neck has been renamed Rocky Point and was the site of an amusement park from the 1840s until 1996. Rocky Point is now occupied by Rocky Point State Park.

Location: Rocky Point Park, Kent County, Rhode Island. Map point is approximate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.69168 Long: -71.36373

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