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Camp Wetherill (1) (1898-1899) - A temporary Spanish American War 2nd Army Corps Camp established in 1898 in Greenville, Greenville County, South Carolina. Named Camp Wetherill (probably) after Captain Alexander M. Wetherill, 6th U.S. Infantry, who was killed 1 Jul 1898 during Spanish American War at the battle of San Juan Hill. Abandoned in 1899.

2nd West Virginia Volunteers at Camp Wetherill 1899)
4th Missouri Volunteers at Camp Wetherill 1898
5th Massachusetts Volunteers near Mill's Mill at Camp Wetherill, 1898


Established in November of 1898 as a state volunteer winter camp for units of the 1st & 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 2nd Army Corps. These six divisions were moved from Camp Meade, Pennsylvania to Camp Wetherill in early November of 1898 as winter approached. All six of these regiments were mustered out at Greenville between February and April 1899. The camp was abandoned in April 1899.

Volunteer Units at Camp Wetherill

Current Status

No remains in Greenville, Greenville County, South Carolina.

Identified Camp Locations in Greenville:

  • Division Headquarters - Greenville General Hospital at 101 Malland Street
  • First Brigade Camp
    • North of Earle Street between Buncombe Street and Wade Hampton Boulevard
    • North side of town near the intersection of Main Street and Stone Avenue
  • Second Brigade Camp
    • South and east of Anderson Street stretching beyond Mills Mill
    • Southwest side of the city, just north of the present day Dunean area, south and east of the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks

Location: Greenville, Greenville County, South Carolina. Map point is the possible location of the 2nd Division Headquarters.

Maps & Images

Lat: 34.841073 Long: -82.413533

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  • Elevation: .....'



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