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Fort Dearborn (4) (1942-1948) - An World War II Coastal Fort first established in 1942 in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Named Fort Dearborn in G.O. 25, 21 May 1943, after Major General Henry Dearborn, who served in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, U.S. Secretary of War (1801-1809). Fort Dearborn was deactivated by the U.S. Army in 1948.

World War II (1941-1945)

Part of the Harbor Defense of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Land for Fort Dearborn was acquired in two separate condemnation processes from private landowners. The first acquisition was for 206.08 acres formally acquired 11 May 1943 and the second was for 60 acres on 11 Oct 1943. The landowners were only given 30 days to vacate their property in 1942.

A temporary battery of four 155mm guns on concrete Panama mounts was completed in April 1942 at Odiorne's Point. The temporary battery was emplaced while three new World War II gun batteries were under construction. The temporary 155mm battery was withdrawn as the new batteries came online in 1944.

The largest of the new batteries was Battery 103 (Battery Seaman) with two casemated 16" guns. Construction on it started in April 1942. The second battery was rapid-fire Battery 204 with two 6" shielded guns started in January 1943. The third battery was Battery AMTB 951 with four 90mm guns designed for protection against high-speed motor torpedo boats and aircraft. The AMTB battery was started and completed in 1943. Both Battery 103 and Battery 204 were completed in 1944.

Fort Dearborn (4) World War II Battery (edit list)
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No. Caliber Type Mount Service Years Battery Cost Notes
Battery 103
Battery Seaman
2 16" Casemated Barbette (CBC) 1942-1943-1944-1948 $ 1,473,506 Frost Point
Battery 204 2 6" Shielded Barbette (SBC) 1943-1943-1944-1948 $ 339,029 Odiornes Point
Battery 155 - Odiornes Point 4 155mm Panama Mounts 1942-1942-1942-1944 $ 16,952
Battery AMTB 951 2 90mm AMTB fixed 1943-1943-1943-1946 $ ? Pulpit Rock
Source: CDSG
Fort Dearborn Plan

Cold War (1947-1991)

The U.S. Air Force maintained Rye Air Force Station (644 AC&W) at Fort Dearborn between 1955 and 1959. An unattended AN/FPS-14 Gap Filler radar remained there between 1957 and 1968 and was known as the Fort Dearborn Gap-Filler Annex. This gap-filler site was tied into the SAGE system and was maintained by troops from the 762nd AC&W Squadron at North Truro Air Force Station. The gap-filler radar tower and equipment building was built behind Battery 204.

Current Status

Part of Odiorne Point State Park, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. No period guns or mounts in place.

Location: Odiorne Point State Park, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

Maps & Images

Lat: 43.050193 Long: -70.720150

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