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Fort Sainte Anne (1) (1666-1676) - A French Colonial Fort established in 1666 at Isle La Motte, Grand Isle County, Vermont. The fort was dedicated to Sainte Anne. Also known as Fort La Motte. Abandoned and destroyed by the French in 1676.

Fort Sainte Anne Marker.
Fort Sainte Anne Champlain Monument.
Fort Sainte Anne Shrine.


A French Fort built in 1666 on Isle La Motte, to protect Canada from the hostile Iroquois Indians. Fort Sainte Anne was the most southern of five forts stretching south along the Richelieu River and the most vulnerable to attacks by the Iroquois.

The five forts were:

Alexandre de Prouville de Tracy had the forts built by four companies of the Carignan-Salières Regiment. The first three forts were built in 1665, and the other two in 1666. By the end of 1665, three of the five Iroquois Nations made peace in Quebec City. The Canadien Governor, Daniel de Courcelle, sent Tracy in the Fall of 1666 with 1,200 men, along with Hurons and Algonquins to attack the two Iroquois Nations resisting, the Mohawks and the Oneidas. The Mohawks ran away into the forest, and the following year, peace was made with the two Nations.

Abandoned and destroyed by the French in 1676.

Current Status

Fort Ste Anne Readerboard.

Location: Isle La Motte, Grand Isle County, Vermont.

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Lat: 44.900282 Long: -73.348121

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