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Plymouth Fort (1621-Unknown) - A Colonial fort established in 1621 by Plymouth Colony Pilgrim settlers in present day Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Abandoned as a fortification at the end of the Indian threat.

Plymouth Fort First Fort Marker in Burial Hill Cemetery
Plimoth Plantation Stockaded Community
Plimoth Plantation Replica of Plymouth Fort Blockhouse


Current Status

The actual site is located on Burial Hill Cemetery in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Several markers indicate the location of the fort on the high ground inside the cemetery. Also in the Cemetery is a 1920s replica of a 1770 powder magazine. This replica is located on lower ground than the fort and toward the back of the cemetery.

A replica of the fort is built at the Plimoth Plantation nearby. The essential elements of the Plymouth fortifications are reproduced along with typical dwellings and a stockade enclosing the entire community complete with seven bastions. The two-story blockhouse sits on the high ground at the south end of the stockade and the entire community is strung out along a central road running downhill toward the shoreline. This layout is just as one might imagine how the Plymouth Colony looked in the 1600s. Adult admission runs about $25 per person.

Location: Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

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Lat: 41.955313 Long: -70.665786

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