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Roger's Fort (1813-1815) - A Creek Indian War settler Fort established in 1813 near Waynesboro, Wayne County, Mississippi. Presumably named after Zachariah Rogers an early settler in Wayne County. Abandoned in 1815.


The outbreak of the Creek Indian War in 1813 resulted in the erection of Roger's Fort near present-day Waynesboro, Wayne County, Mississippi. Rogers's Fort was built as a settler refuge some six or seven miles north of Patton's Fort in Winchester. The precise location is not known.

The Creek Indian War formally ended with the Treaty of Fort Jackson on 9 Aug 1814. The Creeks were forced to cede to the U.S. Government some 21 million acres in Georgia and Alabama and it precipitated their later removal to the west. The massacre of some 500 whites at Fort Mims proved very costly for the entire Creek Nation.

Current Status

Unknown. The GPS coordinates here reflect a general area based on an imprecise written description of the location.

Location: Near Waynesboro, Wayne County, Mississippi.

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Lat: 31.67519 Long: -88.64039

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