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Seacoast Battery - West Point (1836-1906) - A seacoast training battery first established between 1836 and 1860 at West Point, Orange County, New York. Abandoned and site overbuilt by parking lot.

Seacoast Battery 8" M1888 Rifle on M1892 Barbette Carriage

History of Seacoast Battery - West Point

Seacoast Battery Map circa 1883

Established sometime between 1836-1860 as a training platform for USMA cadets on fixed seacoast armament. This battery mounted a variety of seacoast guns and the armament set changed over the years. The last large caliber addition to the battery was an 8" M1888 breech-loading rifled gun on an M1892 barbette carriage.

The battery was described as being on the north end of the post looking north up the river below the Siege and Mortar Battery. The 1883 map shows the battery right at river level where there is now a parking lot, almost due north of the Siege and Mortar Battery.

Described by the Board of Visitors in their 1897 report as used for the instruction of cadets in heavy gun drill. The armament in 1897 included:

Seacoast Battery Armament 1897
No. Type
1 8-inch steel breech-loading M1888 rifle and barbette M1892 carriage
1 15-inch Rodman smoothbore and front-pintle barbette carriage with hydraulic buffer
1 12-inch breech-loading mortar on service mortar carriage
5 8-inch converted rifles with front-pintle barbette carriages and hydraulic buffers

Abandoned in 1906-1907 with the construction of Battery Schofield.

Current Status

Overbuilt by a parking lot at West Point, Orange County, New York. No remains and no marker.

Location: Trophy Point, West Point, Orange County, New York.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.39708 Long: -73.95699

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  • Report of the Board of Visitors to the United States Military Academy for the Year 1897, GPO, Google Books.


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