1st Oregon Volunteer Cavalry

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1st Oregon Volunteer Cavalry (1862-1866) - The 1st Oregon Volunteer Cavalry was a regiment in the volunteer Union army that participated in the U.S. Civil War. With many men recruited from California, the regiment primarily served to protect the state of Oregon and surrounding territories in the Pacific Coast Theater of the American Civil War.

The initial part of the regiment (companies A through F) was organized and mustered into the army in Oregon from February to April 1862. In May 1862, it was sent into the Washington Territory to the Walla Walla country to protect immigrants and miners along the Salmon River. The 1st Oregon occupied Fort Walla Walla in June 1862 and sent out various expeditions over the next two years to fight the Snake Indians and other threats. Company F was posted to Fort Lapwai on the Nez Perce reservation. Hence, the regiment was rarely intact as a single unit for much of the war. Several companies scattered to other frontier forts, including Fort Vancouver and Fort Dalles for detached duty such as constructing roads through the wilderness.

In January 1863, the remaining portion of the regiment (companies G, H, I, K, and M) were authorized and activated for duty. Companies G and H served at Camp Watson on Rock Creek, Oregon; Company I was at Fort Klamath, Company K at Fort Dalles and Companies L and M at Fort Boles in Idaho Territory. The battalion came together for several skirmishes in the Harney Lake Valley and other locations with local Indians. Detachments served at Camp Alvord, Camp Baker, Camp Dahlgren, Camp Maury, Camp Gibbs and Camp Lincoln.

In January 1865, Colonel Reuben F. Maury, 1st Oregon Volunteer Cavalry, assumed command of the Federal District of Oregon.

The 1st Oregon Volunteer Cavalry mustered out November 20, 1866.


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