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Camp Cuba Libre (1898-1899) - A Spanish American War 7th Army Corps organization and training camp first established as Camp Springfield in May 1898 in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida. Renamed Camp Cuba Libre in early June 1898. Abandoned in January 1899.

Camp Springfield (Cuba Libre) Marker.


Established 26 May 1898 in Jacksonville to organize and train the 7 Army Corps commanded by General Fitzhugh Lee (Cullum 1755), nephew of General Robert E. Lee (Cullum 542).

The camp was planned for a maximum of 20,000 men but grew to 31,000 by September 1898. There were three primary locations within the camp with separate locations for each of the regiments.

The main original camp was described as "... camp boundaries were Iona Street on the east, 8th street on the north, Main Street on the west, and 1st street on the south." This original camp was located near the rail facilities but spread north as more units arrived, reaching the water's edge at Trout Creek.

Sub Camps of Camp Cuba Libre:

The war ended quickly and troops were quickly mustered out. The camp was abandoned on 11 Jan 1899 when the last soldier left.

Partial List of 7th Army Corps Units at Camp Cuba Libre
1st Division 2nd Division 3rd Division

Current Status

Two markers, one at East 5th Street just west of Ionia Street and another at Orange Street and Phelps Street in Confederate Park.

Location: Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida.

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